Simple Life Tracker

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Simple Life Tracker

54 ratings

Get your things done

You'll get up early tomorrow, go to work as usual, and take your first yoga class. At the last minute, you remember it's your best friend's birthday and you haven't bought anything for her. You don't want to skip your first workout but shops close at 7:00 PM. You could have gone on your lunch break and done all the things you wanted to do.

How do you find time to do all the things you want to do?

Scheduling. Tracking your activities and tasks is effective to set a goal and a deadline. That's important to improve your responsibility and to better organize your time.

This template will help you do this. Schedule activities, track your habits, and find time to do whatever you want. Maximize your time management and be productive. Make time your ally!

What's included:

  • Calendar
  • To-do list
  • Tasks manager
  • Habits and diary

Daily Journal - Pro Version

I know how difficult it can be to track all the daily activities and hobbies. You should be able to easily track everything in just a few clicks.

That's why I've decided to build Daily Journal. It is an all-in-one dashboard that allows you to track every aspect of your life, from habits to finances. Just a quick look to see the status of your favorite books, your latest expenses, and your discipline through habits. Check your tasks and follow the path to your objectives.

The compilation system is based on buttons, this method has been built to simplify your experience as much as possible. All of these features allow you to see a visual progress bar to motivate you to achieve your goals.


How to download the template?

Once you've made your purchase, you'll be redirected to the template. Click "Duplicate" on the top right corner to duplicate it to your Notion workspace.

Can I share it with my team/friends?

No, this is a personal license for individual use.

Is it possible to receive a refund?

Refund is not available. This is not a subscription service, once you get the product I have no control over the use you do with it.

Still have questions?

Send your feedback or questions to iamdave.business@gmail.com

I want this!


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