Notion x Finance

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Notion x Finance

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Tell your money where to go

Built to simplify and automate your financial management, showing you where you can improve your financial wealth.

Keeping track of all your daily expenses can be tedious. But at the same time would be nice to have a clear view of your cash flow to find where to save and finally pay off your debts.

One place for all your Accounts.

Notion x Finance helps you turn numbers into a visual representation of your finances. The entire workspace is built to be simple and flexible, to fit everyone's needs. The goal is to track your money, finally pay your debts, and reach your financial goals faster.

Track your money, pay your debts, invest and gain financial freedom.

As you see, tracking finances doesn't have to be difficult. Now you will be able to easily do it:

  1. Add a transaction 
  2. Select the payment method 
  3. Your bank account balance will be automatically updated.

Thanks to the category relations you just have to take a look to see which expenses eat too much of the pie.

What's included:

✔︎ Set budgets & goals

✔︎ Log expenses & incomes

✔︎ Credit Cards Manager

✔︎ Investments Manager

✔︎ Tax & Debts Manager

✔︎ Wish list / Jar boxes

✔︎ Free lifetime updates


✔︎ User Guide

✔︎ Video Guide

✔︎ 30 + automation

✔︎ 25 + pre-compiled Templates

Get the best with Notion x Finance Pro.

The professional version allows you to visualize money allocation: monthly, quarterly, and yearly to see how your cash flow differs over time.

  1. Add a transaction 
  2. Select the date and a payment method 
  3. The system will create a report ready to be printed.

Are you a Stock or Crypto investor?

Multiple dynamic stocks dashboards will show you an overview of all your investments, so you can easily follow market trends directly from Notion.

Don't waste time switching between your broker and your portfolio.

Choose the assets to follow directly from Trading View to create the best experience for you. An inline database allows you to track all your trading positions.

Pro version:

✔︎ Auto-generate Reports

✔︎ Crypto TradingView dashboard

✔︎ Stock TradingView dashboard

✔︎ Multiple Accounts - COMING SOON


I've collected some of the amazing comments you leave under the Product Hunt launch post. Here you can find the validation of my product from users and other creators.


How to download the template?

Once you've made your purchase, you'll be redirected to the template. Click "Duplicate" on the top right corner to duplicate it to your Notion workspace.

Can I share it with my team/friends?

No, this is a personal license for individual use.

Is it possible to receive a refund?

Refund options is not available. This is not a subscription service, once you get the product I have no control over the use you do with it.

Still have questions?

Send your feedback or questions to iamdave.business@gmail.com

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