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I like the design of this template, I just wish the incomes/expenses on the main page showed only for that month. And then if you could go to the incomes page or expenses page to see them all, or filter by month, year etc that would be nice. It would also be nice to have the "new" button at the top of these lists on the main page, as it is right now I have to expand the whole list & scroll to the bottom to add another income/expense. I'm trying to add in all my past history from years ago, so this makes it more time consuming. I'm still not sure I'm using the subscription right. It's confusing because I'll add in the renewal expense manually (which would be nice if it auto-populated that once the initial subscription is set up), set the renewal date, it'll show how many days are left but the old ones don't fall off even after adding in the more recent renewal of it. Investments is another area that is confusing for me because some of my accounts are CDs or portfolios so the profit/loss doesn't make any sense to add. The interest rate can also be variable so adding it will throw off the actual interest earned. I'm still unsure if I set up my credit cards right? The guide isn't really clear on this. Each account I have, there is an income & expense version. Which can get a little confusing & I'm not sure if this is throwing the reports off? But it's the only way I've gotten the cards to balance out. I would like more detailed reports & if there was an option to integrate charts to see it visually. Reports to see what categories my spending breaks down to, what my income looks like, & how it's changed. An option to plan for expenses or budget would also be nice. I used to use Debit & Credit the mac/IOS app & liked a lot of it's features. I'm not sure if I'd remove anything, but the taxes feature I haven't really played around with just because the only taxes I pay is yearly & I'm not sure how I would set that up in there?

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